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World English Bible with Deuterocanon/Apocrypha (WEB)
World English Bible Protestant Edition, Protocanon only (WEBP)
World English Bible single-voice audio
World English Bible New Testament multi-voice audio with music
World English Bible Catholic Edition (WEBC)
World English Bible British Edition with Deuterocanon/Apocrypha (WEBBE)
World English Bible British Protestant Edition, Protocanon only (WEBPB)
World English Bible history
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World English Bible color paperback cover
World English Bible U. S. A. Spelling, Both Old and New Testaments of the World English Bible, with color illustrations and maps
Paperback or Kindle 2022 Update
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Deuterocanon + Apocrypha World English Bible cover
Deuterocanon & Apocrypha: World English Bible U. S. A. Spelling, monochrome text
Hardcover, Paperback, or Kindle 2022 Update
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World English Bible New Testament+Psalms and Proverbs cover
New Testaments + Psalms & Proverbs of the World English Bible U. S. A. Spelling
Hard cover or paperback 2022 Update
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World English Bible Ecumenical Edition U. S. A. Spelling
The Holy Bible: World English Bible Ecumenical Edition U. S. A. Spelling
Hard cover 2022 Update
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A Four-column Parallel and Chronological Harmony of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John:
Using the modern World English Bible,
Translated from the Greek Majority Text, and
Ordering historical events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth on basis of the priority of Matthew over Mark
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The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible. That means that you may freely copy it in any form, including electronic and print formats. The World English Bible is based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible first published in 1901, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament, and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. The companion Deuterocanon/Apocrypha is derived from the Revised Version Apocrypha and the Brenton translation of the Septuagint into English. It is in draft form, and currently being edited for accuracy and readability. The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are essentially completed, although some proofreading comments are still being accepted when they improve accuracy, readability, and consistency. The Deuterocanon/Apocrypha still contains some archaic grammar that will be revised. For more information, please see the World English Bible Frequently Asked Questions and the legal and status page.

The World English Bible British Edition is the same as the World English Bible, except (1) God's Proper Name in the Old Testament is translated "LORD" or "GOD" (all capitals) instead of "Yahweh", and (2) British spelling instead of American spelling is used. We avoid words and phrases that have different meaning in these two dialects, and use punctuation acceptable for both. It is our hope that picking the version that uses the spelling conventions of your own country will lead to smoother reading with fewer distractions due to spelling differences.

The Ecumenical (standard), Protestant, and Catholic editions are all the same except for the selection of which books are included and their order of presentation. The standard Ecumenical edition contains all of the books of the Bible used by a large variety of Christian denominations, arranged in the order of the canonical Old Testament of 39 books, a collection of Deuterocanon/Apocrypha books, then the 27 books of the New Testament. The Protestant editions just omit the middle section, leaving only the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. The Catholic edition presents the books in the traditional Catholic book order, substitutes Esther translated from the Greek Septuagint for Esther translated from the traditional Hebrew, and omits books not recognized as canonical or deuterocanonical by the Roman Catholic Church. Otherwise, they are all the same.

You are free to quote, publish, print, proclaim, memorize, preach, teach, and share the World English Bible as much as you like. There is no royalty charge or any hassles. If you wish to support the work of the World English Bible translation and distribution, as well as Bible distribution work in many other languages, you may do so by supporting the senior editor, but this is not required.

The table below lists various editions of the World English Bible, plus some other English Bible translations that you might want to compare.

ASVAmerican Standard Version (1901)
ASVBTAmerican Standard Version Byzantine Text
AEBAnindilyakwa English Bible
BBEBible in Basic English
BrentonBrenton Septuagint Translation
DBYDarby Translation
DRVDouay-Rheims 1899
ERVEasy-to-Read Version
EMTVEnglish Majority Text Version
FBVFree Bible Version
GNVGeneva Bible 1599
NOYGeorge Noyes Bible
GLWGod's Living Word
LEEIsaac Leeser Tanakh
KJVKing James (Authorized) Version
KJVDKing James Version + Apocrypha
KJVCPBKJV Cambridge Paragraph Bible
LSVLiteral Standard Version
LXX2012LXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012
LXX2012UKLXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012
NASBNew American Standard Bible
WebsterNoah Webster Bible
NyEBNyangumarta English Bible
OURBOne Unity Resource Bible
OEBCWOpen English Bible (Commonwealth Spelling)
OEBOpen English Bible (U. S. spelling)
PEVPlain English Version
RVRevised Version with Apocrypha (1895)
TOETargum Onkelos Etheridge
TCENTText-Critical English New Testament
AmplifiedThe Amplified Bible (2015)
F35The New Testament with Commentary
T4TTranslation for Translators
TNTTyndale New Testament
ULBUnlocked Literal Bible
ENGLXXUPUpdated Brenton English Septuagint
WEBPWorld English Bible
WEBCWorld English Bible (Catholic)
WEBPBWorld English Bible British Edition
WEBBEWorld English Bible British Edition with Deuterocanon
WEBWorld English Bible with Deuterocanon
WMBWorld Messianic Bible
WMBBWorld Messianic Bible British Edition
WycliffeWycliffe Bible
WYCmsWycliffe's Bible with Modern Spelling
WYCmseWycliffe's Bible with Modern Spelling (Enhanced)
YLTYoung's Literal Translation